Powerful Ideas

Name: Allan Kirson
Experience: 45 years as an Electronics Engineer and Computer Scientist
Languages: English, Geek, Dialects used in Manuals
Strengths: Patience, perseverance, dedication, punctuality,  technical ability

About me


  1. BulletYou only pay for time on site

  2. BulletNo charge for travel or research

  3. BulletBilled in 15 minute intervals

  4. BulletSpecial rates for Seniors

  5. BulletWe accept personal checks and cash


  1. Powerful Ideas, Inc.

  2. 1011 Sheridan Rd

  3. Glencoe, IL 60022

  4. 847.910.3756

  5. akirson@powerful-ideas.com

Gotta get it done!
Walk it off...
Nothing is more frustrating than running into a snag just when you have to get something done.  Instead of pounding on the keyboard and swearing at an inanimate object that delights in your ire, take a break, go for a walk, and then call me or send an email with a description of your problem.  I’ll respond within 24 hrs, often less.mailto:akirson@powerful-ideas.com?subject=Tech%20Support:%20shapeimage_4_link_0

On-Site Service area

There are exceptions - please call!


  1. BulletComputer setup

  2. BulletApplication configuration

  3. BulletVirus/spyware removal

  4. BulletWireless network setup

  5. BulletSoftware updates

  6. BulletHardware upgrades

  7. BulletTroubleshooting

  8. BulletHard disk recovery

  9. Bulletand more...